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Digital static meter (KSD-1000/KSD-2000)



Electronic device assembly processes involve a number of objects charged at kV-level voltage, such as resin-molded products and films. This digital static meter is suitable for process with relatively high-managed voltage of static.
The meter enables switching between measuring ranges, which means both low-voltage static on electronic devices and high-voltage static in the manufacturing processes of products such as resin-molded products, films and printed-wiring boards can be measured.


  • Capable of measuring low-voltage to high-voltage static.
  • Built-in ultrasonic measurement distance sensor ensures high-precision measurement with accurate setting of the measurement distance.
  • Allows switching between measuring ranges based on the size of the object and the voltage level.
  • The separate probe allows the value to be checked at the user’s fingertips during measurement. (KSD-2000)
  • Permits switching between peak hold measurement and continuous measurement.
  • Capable of memorizing measured voltages, which can be displayed at any time.
  • Equipped with a built-in circuit that detects and informs of failure of the detection sensor. (Patented)
  • The Sleep mode saves battery power when forgetting to turn the unit off.


Model KSD-1000 KSD-2000
Detection method Vibration-type static sensor
Measuring ranges High range:    ±0.1kV - ±50kV
Low range:    ±0.01kV - ±20kV
Analog output 0 - ±500mV(high range only)
Measurement precision Within ±10%
Standard measurement distance High range:    100mm
Low range:    50mm
Measurement distance detection Automatic, ultrasonic automatic
Measurement mode Continuous/ Peak hold
Data memory Up to 20 values
Operating environment Temperature: 0°C-40°C, Humidity: 65% RH or below (no condensation)
Power supply 2 AA alkaline batteries (10 hours or more of continuous operation)
Dimensions 121×70×22mm Main unit: 121 mm × 70 mm × 22 mm
Probe: 137 mm × 20 mm × 20 mm
Mass Approx. 170 g (including batteries) Approx. 270 g (including probe and batteries)
Options AC adapter / KSD-AC1(AC100-240V)
Analog output cable / KSD-REC(length: 1,000 mm)


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