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Charge plate monitor (NK-7001)


Electronic devices are becoming less tolerant of static, resulting in the installation of an increasing number of ionizers. Dirt or abrasions on the discharging electrode needle of an ionizer will result in degradation of the ionizer’s static elimination performance or loss of ion balance. Blowing of ions that have lost balance due to such dirt or abrasions is a cause of electrostatic charge for electronic devices, and it could reach a level that leads to destruction of leading-edge devices.
This monitor performs high-precision measurement of static on its charge plate (detector), which has almost the same ground electrostatic capacity as the devices. It is best suited for checking the effect of ionizers at the time of their installation, and their daily management.


  • The built-in high-voltage power supply device enables evaluation and management of an ionizer just by pressing a button.
  • The separate small detector probe allows measurement in narrow spaces, such as for evaluating an ionizer installed in a manufacturing device, with the value displayed at the user’s fingertips.
  • The unit permits evaluation with almost the same size and electrostatic capacity as devices.
  • Compact and easy-to-handle, this charge plate monitor can easily be brought to the work floor.
  • Ion-balance evaluation and management with high-resolution measurement are possible at ±0.1V.


Model NK-7001
Detection method Vibration-type static sensor
Attenuation property
1) Time taken for reduction from 1,000V to 100V
2) Time taken for reduction from 200V to 20V
Display range ±0.1 - ±1999.9V   0.01 - 99.99sec
Analog output 0 - ±1000.0mV
Measurement precision Within ±5% + 5 counts
Operating environment Temperature: 0°C-40°C,Humidity: 65% RH or below (no condensation)
Power supply 1) 4 AA alkaline batteries (15 hours or more of continuous operation)
2) AC100-240V (with AC power supply adapter)
Dimensions Main unit: 197×100×47mm
Probe: 140×20×25mm
Charge plate: 20 mm × 38 mm (stainless)
Mass Approx. 600 g (including probe and batteries)
Accessories KSD-AC2 / AC power supply adapter (AC100-240V)
KSD-REC / Analog output cable(length: 1,000 mm)


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