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Bar type static eliminator (KD-309 series/KDB series)



  • DC-type units that eliminate static by generating ions
  • The good ion polarity balance ensures that there is virtually no reverse charging caused by ion irradiation.
  • The good ion polarity balance ensures efficient static elimination regardless of the polarity or potential of the charged object.
  • The long ion irradiation distance makes this unit suitable for static elimination from charged objects moving at high speed.
  • The unit emits an extremely small amount of ozone.
  • The current-limiting resistor of the ion-generating electrode, which minimizes electric shocks, ensures safety.
  • Being a DC-type unit, this static eliminator does not cause the surface potential fluctuation of the charged object that would be caused by a PULSE-DC-type unit.
  • The CKDB and KDB-SI-type units permit replacement of electrode needles.
  • An environmentally friendly static eliminator designed for low power consumption


Ion generation method DC corona discharge
Effective range of static elimination 70 - 150mm
Operating environment Temperature: 0°C-40°C, Humidity: 80% RH or below (no condensation)


High-voltage power supply device


Model Electrode length Power consumption Input power Frequency High-voltage shutdown circuit External output (contact signals)
KD-309B - 1100mm 4VA AC100V or 200V (not switchable) 50/60Hz Yes No
KD-309BS AC100V - 240V Yes Yes
KD-309L - 3500mm 7VA AC100V or 200V (not switchable) No No
KD-309LBS AC100V - 240V Yes Yes
KD-309W 3600mm - 100VA AC100V or 200V (not switchable) Yes (buzzer/lamp) No


Type of electrode


Standard unit

(Electrode needle: tungsten) 100 mm - 1,100 mm
(With round reinforcement pipe, electrode needle: tungsten) 1,100 mm - 3,000 mm
(With rectangular reinforcement pipe, electrode needle: tungsten) 3,000 mm or longer

Clean room-compatible unit with replaceable electrode needle

KDB-□□□□SI (Electrode needle: polysilicon) 100 mm - 1,100 mm
KDB-□□□□SIP (With round reinforcement pipe, electrode needle: polysilicon) 1,100 mm - 3,000 mm

Unit with replaceable electrode needle

CKDB-□□□□ (Electrode needle: special alloy) 100 mm - 3,000 mm
(Reinforcement required at 1,100 mm or longer)

*Electrode length is variable in steps of 100 mm within the designated range. Specify the length at the time of the order.

Electrode dimension table

Model Electrode length Effective length
KDB-300 379 255
KDB-400 481 357
KDB-500 583 459
KDB-600 685 561
KDB-700 787 663
KDB-800 889 765
KDB-900 991 867
KDB-1000 1093 969
KDB-1100 1195 1071
KDB-1200 1297 1173
KDB-1300 1399 1275
KDB-1400 1501 1377
KDB-1500 1603 1479
KDB-1600 1705 1581
KDB-1700 1807 1683
KDB-1800 1909 1785
KDB-1900 2011 1887
KDB-2000 2113 1989
KDB-2100 2215 2091
KDB-2200 2317 2193
KDB-2300 2419 2295
KDB-2400 2521 2397
KDB-2500 2623 2499
KDB-2600 2725 2601
KDB-2700 2827 2703
KDB-2800 2929 2805
KDB-2900 3031 2907
KDB-3000 3133 3009
KDB-3100 3235 3111
KDB-3200 3337 3213
KDB-3300 3439 3315
KDB-3400 3541 3417
KDB-3500 3643 3519

* The KDB-1100 or above comes with a reinforcement pipe.

Drawings for download

High-voltage power supply device
Static eliminating electrode

Static elimination performance



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