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Fan type ionizer (KD-730B)



  • The lamp signals when the unit needs cleaning, ensuring that you never miss the appropriate time for maintenance.
  • Power input and output can be made via the terminal block on the rear. This allows easy series connection of multiple units without an AC adapter for each, which is convenient when installing several units in a manufacturing device. The alarm output also makes it easy to interlock the unit with a manufacturing device so that signals indicating the need for maintenance or occurrence of abnormality are transmitted to the device.
  • The locking mechanism applied for the angle adjustment mechanism prevents a change of angle due to vibration or other such factors.
  • The discharging electrode needles are mounted directly on the fan’s body, enabling the body’s ultra-slim dimensions. (Patented)
  • Our proprietary technologies permit use of a single high-voltage transformer for generating high-voltage power, both positive and negative, and adoption of a built-in ion-balance adjustment circuit. This eliminates the need for concern about opposite charge, a problem faced by conventional DC-type units that would be caused by failure of one of two transformers. (Patented)
  • This ionizer can be used safely for ionization from electronic devices because its stainless steel fan guard is grounded and therefore stabilizes the ion balance and shields the electric field. (Patented)
  • CE certified product


Main unit of the ionizer

Model KD-730B
Ion generation method DC corona discharge
Discharging electrode needle Tungsten
Ion balance* Within ±10V (at time of factory shipment), permits fine tuning
Fan speed HIGH/LOW switchable
Air volume 2.24m3/min(HIGH)
Airflow speed* 1.70m/sec(HIGH)
Alarm output Cleaning alarm and high-voltage stop indicated by the LED lamp on the front panel
Terminal block DC12V input, DC12V output, alarm output, ground
Amount of ozone production* 0.02 ppm or less
Operating environment Temperature: 0°C-40°C, Humidity: 80% RH or below (no condensation)
Input condition DC12V (adapter or terminal block)
Consumption current 380mA
Mass Approx. 900g

*Measurement distance: 300mm

Dedicated AC adapter

Model AC adapter for KD-730B
Input conditions AC100 - 240V 50/60Hz
Output voltage DC12V
Mass Approx. 270g


Ion balance and ionization performance


Dimensions [mm] and names of parts

Main unit of the ionizer


Dedicated AC adapter


Intended use

  • Manufacturing and assembly processes of various electronic devices
  • Use in devices such as handler, appearance tester, lead forming device, and mounter
  • Prevention of dust adhesion to optical components and LCD



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