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Our corona treatment experiment systems

Kasuga Denki conducts corona treatment tests on request using its laboratory equipment. (Some tests are subject to fees.)
We can test any base materials, including general plastic films and conductive films. We also have a high-density ionizing system, which allows us to confirm the effect of high-density ionization after corona treatment.
We also conduct tests of corona treatment in gas (gas plasma treatment), which we offer as paid services.

Experiment system specifications

Experiment system with unwinder and rewinder

  System No. 1 System No. 2
Maximum treatment width 750mm 300mm
Speed 2 - 100m/min 12 - 250m/min
Paper core 3-inch core (with adapter for 6-inch core) 3inch
Maximum winding diameter 400mm 300mm
General film Yes Yes
Conductive film Yes Yes
Test environment Normal atmosphere Cleanness level at 10,000
Gas replacement Yes (helium, argon or nitrogen) No
High-density ionization Yes Yes
High-density dust removal No Yes
Charging equipment No Yes (Electret equipment)

Experiment system with unwinder and rewinder

Table type experiment system

  System No. 3
Maximum sample dimensions 430mm×250mm
Speed 1 - 20m/min
Settable treating times 1 - 999
General film Yes
Conductive film Yes
Thick film Yes(Up to 10mm)
Gas replacement Yes(Simplified test)

Table-type experiment system


Learning about corona treatment

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