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Configuration of a corona treater


Treating station

(See “Our Products” → “Corona treating stations”)

This unit generates corona discharge in the gap between the electrode and treating roller, treating the surface of base materials that pass through the gap. There are various types of units geared for a range of purposes, including the insulating base material treating station, conductive base material treating station, treating station for wide base materials, treating station with internal air pressure, narrow web treating station, and gas plasma treatment station. (The treating station for molded products does not have a treating roller.)

Corona generators

(See “Our Products” → “Corona generators)

A corona generator generates high-frequency output and applies to discharging electrode high-frequency, high-voltage electricity that has been boosted by a high-voltage transformer.

Control panel (optional)

(See “Our Products” → “Optional products)

Install this by a corona treating station to control power output and the setting and opening of the station, for example. A multi-task controller also has other functions such as indication and recording of failures, speed follow-up and discharge level control.

Equipment related to corona treater

In addition to the above main equipment, actual operation of a treating station requires the use of other equipment, such as high-voltage and low-voltage electrical wiring, ozone exhaust blower and ducts used to exhaust ozone and NOx generated in the treating station; shield pipes that shield and protect the high-voltage wiring between the treating station and the high-voltage transformer; and equipment that supplies compressed air to the cylinder for opening and closing the electrode.


Installation example of equipment related to corona treater


Learning about corona treatment

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