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Ion jet nozzle (NIH-55)




  • The new operation lamp flashes in red to signal extreme dirtiness, abnormal discharge and failure of the transformer, allowing easy confirmation of the operating status. The unit also allows external output of signals indicating these abnormalities.
  • The air outlet comes in a uniquely designed new structure that ensures a reduced amount of air consumption and stable ion balance.
  • The unit permits ON/OFF operation of its ionization via signals from an external device. This ensures that power is supplied to the ionizer only when ionization is necessary, reducing the frequency of its maintenance.
  • A high-voltage power supply is embedded in the nozzle. This permits low-voltage wiring and enhances safety of use.
  • This is a high-frequency AC-type ionizer featuring high ion generation efficiency. The unit also uses a highly reliable wire-wound transformer, which ensures high shock resistance and stable operation over a long period.
  • As the first nozzle type ionizer with a power switch, the unit allows performance of maintenance work simply by turning off the power switch; that is, without turning off the main power supply.
  • The optional tube nozzle (NIH-55-C500) is a conductive fluorine-containing tube. This highly durable tube prevents itself from being charged, ensuring safety of ionization from electronic devices.





The unit is equipped with a terminal block for power input and alarm output, which permits connections without a special tool.


Optional head nozzles

Optional nozzles, which our customers greatly demand, are also available.



Main unit of the ionizer

Model NIH-55
Ion generation method High-frequency corona discharge method
Discharging electrode needle Special alloy with low dust emission
Ion balance* Within ±20V (at time of factory shipment)
Recommended air pressure 0.1 - 0.4MPa
Amount of air consumption 55 - 155L/min
Alarm output The LED lamp flashes in red to indicate the cleaning alarm or high-voltage stop (green during normal operation)
Terminal block DC24V input, alarm output, input for ionization ON/OFF operation, ground
Amount of ozone production* 0.02 ppm or less
Operating environment Temperature: 0°C-40°C, Humidity: 80% RH or below (no condensation)
Input condition DC24V (dedicated AC adapter or the terminal block)
Consumption current Approx. 110mA
Mass Approx. 150g

*Measurement distance150mm

Dedicated AC adapter(Options)

Model KN-AC20
Input conditions AC100 - 240V 50/60Hz
Output voltage DC24V
Mass Approx. 160g



The AC adapter is not included in the NIH-55 accessories. Please use either of the following symbols when placing an order.
Use of the attachment bracket for NIH-55-C500 allows assured fixture of the NIH-55-B100, B200, B300 or S200 optional head nozzle. Please order this bracket separately.

Model Specifications
NIH-55-1 With AC adapter
NIH-55-2 Without AC adapter


Ionization performance


Dimensions [mm] and names of parts

Main unit of ionizer (standard)


Optional head nozzles


Intended use

  • Spot ionization in all types of manufacturing device
  • Static and dust elimination from optical components
  • Spot ionization in the handling process of electronic devices



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