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Nozzle type static eliminator (NIF-300)



  • Use of a flat nozzle prevents diffusion of the air jet, ensuring precise dust and static elimination from the object.
  • A high-voltage power supply is embedded in the nozzle electrode. This increases safety and permits installation in a variety of locations because high-voltage cables are not exposed.
  • The compact dimensions allow the unit to be installed in a variety of locations including narrow spaces inside a device.


Main body of static eliminator

Model NIF-300
Ion generation method High-frequency corona discharge method
Discharging electrode needle Special alloy with low dust emission
Recommended air pressure 0.1 - 0.4MPa
Amount of air consumption 200 - 600L/min
Alarm display Red LED lights when high voltage stops(Green LED lights at normal operation
Terminal block DC24V input, Alarm output, Static elimination ON/OFF input, Ground wire
Amount of ozone production 0.02 ppm or less(150mm)
Operating environment Temperature: 0°C-40°C, Humidity: 80% RH or below (no condensation)
Input condition DC24V(dedicated AC adaptor or terminal block)
Power consumption Approx. 2.0VA
Mass Approx. 180 g


Dedicated AC adaptor
Model AC adaptor for NIF-300
Input voltage AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Output voltage DC24V
Mass Approx. 270 g

Note: The AC adaptor is not included as standard. Please indicate appropriate model number when you order. 

Model AC adaptor for NIF-300
NIF-300-1 With AC adaptor
NIF-300-2 Without AC adaptor

Ionization performance


Dimensions [mm] and names of parts 

 Main unit of the ionizer 


NIF-300-Dimensions (英).jpg

Dedicated AC adapter(Options)


NIF-300-adaptor-Dimensions (英).jpg



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