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High-density cleaner (HDIC)



This high-density cleaner is a dust remover to be combined with a high-density ionizing system.
The unit is a contactless dust remover that effectively and efficiently removes dust (tiny particles) from a plastic film that was made completely static-free through high-density ionization.
Dust that adheres firmly to a plastic film due to the electrostatic force of both the film and the dust itself cannot be removed by physical force, such by using an air blower. Therefore, static on the film needs to be completely eliminated. Kasuga Denki suggests use of a high-density cleaner in a process immediately after high-density ionization or introduction of an all-in-one unit that combines a high-density ionizer and a high-density cleaner.

Dust removal systems


Experiments conducted using model particles (color toner) (average diameter of particles: 10 μm)


Installation example of high-density ionizing system and high-density cleaner



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