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High-density ionizing system for molded products



Solves problems in processing molded items
The system removes static marks on the surface of plastic-molded products.



Dust adhesion during storage and conveyance
Uneven coating in the coating process

These problems occurring in the manufacturing and working processes of plastic-molded products are caused by a small electrostatic charge that remains on the product surface.
This system can completely remove this electrostatic charge, or so-called static marks*1, from the surface of molded products.

HDIP_02.jpg*1: Static marks

A static mark is a state in which a positive charge and negative charge are retained on a dielectric surface, forming a fine, complicated pattern. The finer the pattern of the positive charge and negative charge, the more they nullify each other’s electrical field. This makes it difficult to detect static marks from the outside, and therefore makes their removal difficult. In principle, it is difficult to remove static marks by static eliminators that apply corona discharge.


Kasuga Denki’s static control technology
Removal of static marks is realized by two types of ionizing air

Ordinary static removers cannot remove static marks remaining on the product surface because the positive and negative charge form a complicated web-like pattern. To remove static marks from a molded product’s surface with many concavities and convexities, this system irradiates two different types of ionizing air – Pulse Mode and Dual Mode – in a single process. (patent pending)

Process flow


Sample used for static elimination (example)

Test condition
Sample molded product ABS resin
Treatment condition 0.48 Hz x 3 cycles
Treating time Approx. 7 seconds

*The treatment condition varies depending on the shape, material, etc. of the product. Please ask our sales representative for details.

Test method
  1. Toner for checking charge distribution is sprayed on the molded product prior to the treatment to identify charge marks on it (see “before” image below).
  2. High-density ionization treatment is undertaken.
  3. The toner is again sprayed on the sample after the treatment to check the charge marks (see “after” image below).


A made-to-order ionizing system that can be optimized for the shape of molded products to ensure effective static elimination


The high-density ionizing system for molded products consists of a high-voltage power supply device and a static eliminating electrode unit.
Regarding the static eliminating electrode unit that generates ionizing air, we suggest you combine multiple units into a static eliminating electrode system in a way that makes the system best suited for the shape of molded products or manufacturing lines.


Features of the static eliminating electrode unit


This ionizing air irradiation unit combines a round-shaped static eliminating electrode with a blower fan behind it. This enables efficient ion irradiation.
Combine multiple units in an optimal way for the shape of the object.


The system can be applied in a variety of ways, from batch treatment on a bench to sequential treatment of products on a manufacturing line.



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