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Corona surface modification test equipment (TEC-4AX)


This test equipment enables evaluation of surface modification by corona treatment simply by setting a cut sheet of up to size A4 on the treatment table. Since the unit comes equipped with a ceramic electrode, it can test not only insulating sheets but also conductive sheets such as aluminum foil. An optional metal electrode kit (aluminum electrode and dielectric mat), exclusively for testing insulating base materials, is also available.


Treatment table and electrode


Supply power Single phase, 100V Control functions Power ON/OFF
50/60 kHx Discharge ON/OFF
Power consumption 570VA Power setting and indication
Output rating 100W(max) Setting of number of times of testing
- 14kVp Indication
70 - 40kHz Speed setting and indication
Ceramic electrode 230 mm x 1 Ambient temperature 5 - 40°C
Ground plate 230×350mm Humidity 17 - 40%
Gap 1 - 1.5mm Dimensions 500w×380D×400H
Electrode moving speed Approx. 0.5 - 6.0 m/min Excluding protruding objects attached to the unit, such as rubber feet
Treatment dimensions 210×297mm Weight 18kg
Thickness: 1 mm or less



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