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Air Plasma (APW-602f)


The Air Plasma is a corona treater that modifies the surface of the workpiece by directly spraying it with arc-shaped corona irradiated from discharging electrodes.

When a high voltage is applied between the pair of opposed electrodes mounted on the tip of the discharging electrode, corona discharge is generated and arc-shaped corona is created with the help of the built-in fan. The plasma effect (introduction of a functional group) created by direct irradiation of this arc-shaped corona and thermal fusion caused by thermal factors increases the hydrophilicity of the base material surface.

Since the corona is irradiated forcibly using air, the unit is capable of treating intricately shaped workpieces without a great deal of equipment.

Circuit configuration


Treatment examples



Supply voltage Single phase, AC200V/220V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption  1000VA
Treatment width 40 - 50mm
Installation distance 10-30 mm (between tip of electrode and workpiece)
Object to be treated Plastic, glass, metals
(Please inquire with us concerning the treatment of grounded metallic objects.)
Dimensions Power supply device: 305 mm × 413 mm × 273 mm
Electrode device: 46 mm × 237 mm × 123 mm
Mass Power supply device: 34 kg
Electrode device: 2.2 kg
Operating environment Temperature: 5°C - 40°C, Humidity: 17% - 70% RH (no condensation)


APG-602f system configuration



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