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Electret equipment


This equipment is used to turn materials such as nonwoven cloth and polymer into electrets. The main unit consists of a high-voltage power supply, special application electrode and a temperature adjustment roll. Through mutual control of these components, it traps the electric charge energy deeply, having the electric polarization retained almost permanently. The equipment can be applied for situations such as turning a nonwoven cloth filter into an electret. This will improve the trapping efficiency of the filter because tiny particles efficiently and continuously adhere electrostatically to the cloth.

What is an electret?

An electret is a material that retains electric polarization almost permanently, creating an electric field in the surrounding area. If electric charge energy is trapped deeply (in a deep level), the strength of the electret will last longer.


Comprehensive electret manufacturing equipment


Kasuga Denki offers electret manufacturing equipment as comprehensive processing equipment complete with an unwinder and rewinder, as well as single units of the electret equipment. (See the outline drawing below.)
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Outline drawing




Electret manufacturing equipment


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