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Charging equipment

This charging equipment combines a DC high-voltage power supply and a charging electrode and irradiates ions by corona discharge. Electrostatic adhesion is applied in a wide variety of processes in general industry, such as lamination, pasting of protective films and product fixation. Appropriate use of electrostatic adhesion makes significant improvement of product quality and productivity possible. Kasuga Denki selects the optimal power supply and electrodes for applications (including the material, width and the moving speed of the object to charge). We also advise on the installation method, installation site and other aspects based on our expertise in installation accumulated over many years of experience.

Examples of use



List of DC high-voltage power supply



Model KTK-2002N PST-2005N KTB-20 KTB-30 KTB-30K
Output voltage 0 - -20KV 0 - -20KV 0 - ±20KV 0 - ±30KV 0 - ±30KV
Output current 2mA MAX. 5mA MAX. 2mA MAX. 2mA MAX. 2mA MAX.
Output polarity Negative Negative Positive and negative Positive and negative Positive and negative
Input power AC100 - 240V 50/60HZ AC100 - 240V 50/60HZ AC100V 50/60HZ AC200V 50/60HZ AC200V 50/60HZ
Power consumption 50VA 200VA 200VA 250VA 250VA
Dimensions 175×175×330 220×270×140 450×500×400 450×500×400 450×500×400
Mass 4.5kg 10kg 40kg 40kg 40kg
備考 Constant voltage function Constant voltage/constant current functions Spark detection Spark detection Spark detection
Positive-charge unit (type P unit) is optional Positive-charge unit (type P unit) is optional     Automatic trip recovery function


List of charging electrodes



List of standard charging electrodes for charging equipment

Model Work dimensions (effective length) Comments
SHER 100 - 1100mm With protective resin pipe
Without reinforcing pipe
SHOR 1100 - 3000mm With protective resin pipe
With round reinforcing pipe
HOR-RP*1 1100 - 8000mm With protective resin side plate
With square reinforcing pipe (50 mm x 50 mm)
HDM 400 - 2000mm Slim type
With plate for adjusting effective width
HPD 400 - 2000mm Resistant to high voltage

*1 For 3,000 mm or longer electrodes, we recommend use of an intermediate support for preventing deflection.

Electrode diagrams for download


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